…to our founder Nadja, who started her journey as a textile management student and former photographer. Tired of the fast fashion industry, her own idea of a sustainable fashion brand was born.

Deciding to go all the way to do something that matters, her love for fashion is fused with a deep care for our environment. Inspired by beautiful summers spent in Ibiza, powerful Goddesses and mythical women, MAYOMI shows that consciousness doesn't have to compromise sexy designs. 

Her sharp eye for aesthetics and unlimited excitement shine on every single detail. 


With our luxurious Italian fabrics made of regenerated nylon, we create matchless silhouettes not to be found on the market. Elegant and classic - or bold and sexy? We can do both. 

Our mission is to give life to beautiful swimwear that lasts more than one season. That makes you feel like the goddess you (and every woman on this planet) really are. 

Like Aurora announces the arrival of the sun, our collections call for an inner awakening, passing that energy to the women who wear our designs.